Web Design Process

After our initial discovery session, we’ll send you a proposal. Once signed here is our web design process.

Proposal Signed
and deposit paid

1. Sitemap

Client touch point
revision 1

2. Wireframe

Client touch point
revision 2

3. Design

Client touch point
revision 3

Client touch point
revision 4

4. Build

Client touch point
revision 5

5. Launch
and celebrate

6. Support

Client touch point
provide support

Glossary :

Sitemap: similar to a flowchart mapping out all the pages the site will have and how they are connected.

Wireframe: basic skeleton layout of each page. Filler text, blank images and grey colours are used as to not distract from the purpose of the wireframe, which is to plan the layout of the pages.

Design: colours, images and styling is added to the wireframe to create a cohesive design style to the website.

Build: we take the design and start developing the website.

Launch: once the new site is perfected, we launch so it’s accessible to the world. At this stage is customary for us to celebrate. So whatever slightly unhealthy treat we are not usually allowed, on this occasion it’s allowed. 

Support: after sales services, in the form of technical support, digital marketing, etc.